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Working Together for 14 Years

Our 2014 Ovarian Cancer Awareness Campaign


September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.


The Massachusetts Ovarian Cancer Awareness coalition is working to increase awareness of this disease.

Massachusetts has a strong tradition of citizen activism, and this heritage extends to health care research and treatment.  In the case of ovarian cancer, personal or family experience with the disease has united three organizations that continue to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and fund research and education around this deadliest of gynecological cancers.  This year marks the thirteenth annual Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month campaign in Massachusetts that these organizations will produce.  Eager to reach as many people as possible, the three organizations continue to work together and to support each other’s events and outreach efforts.


Each September the Coalition launches its annual Awareness campaign. This year our awareness campaign will include television spots running throughout the month, electronic billboards  and a banner hanging from the balcony of Mayor Martin Walsh's office.





This year the Coalition will debut two new television spots that will air in Massachusetts in September. The spots feature Dr. Ursula Matulonis (Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women's Cancer Center) introducing two brave women that are currently being treated for ovarian cancer and will air as part of the CBS Health Watch vignettes.


The televisions spots will be begin airing on September 6th and will run throughout the month.


You can view the new television awareness spots above or on our YouTube channel.




Electronic Billboards


Working with the Massachusetts Depart of Transportation, the Ovarian Cancer Awareness has been able to utilize the electronic billboards throughout the state to display our awareness ads. The electronic billboards will  in September in conjunction with Ovarian Cancer Awareness month  as well as October. The billboards  urge people to get the facts about ovarian cancer.



Ovarian Cancer Awareness Banner


The Ovarian Cancer Awareness banner has been hung outside City Hall in Boston for the month of September. The banner urges people to recognize the signs and to get the facts about this silent killer. The banner will be seen by nearly a million people over the course of the month of September.



 is a coalition of 3 member organizations dedicated to fighting ovarian cancer.  The Coalition began in 2000 and has continued to work together to increase awareness of ovarian cancer. Coalition members include: The M. Patricia Cronin Foundation to Fight Ovarian Cancer, The Dana-Faber/Brigham & Women’s Cancer Center, and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.